Commercial Roll Up Doors



Alumatec’s most popular form of security closure is manufactured with tempered solid aluminum rods. Used in shopping malls, drug and convenience stores, schools, airports, hotels, parking garages and any other location where there is a “store within a store”. Each grill is custom made to your exact size and spec. Standard link spacing is 9” and rod spacing is 2”. Contact us for commercial roll up doors in Salt Lake City .


  • Vertical Link Spacing - 3”, 6” or 9”
  • Rod Spacing - 1 1/2”, 2” or 3”
  • Accommodates opening up to 40’ wide and 20’ high.
  • Open pattern allows airflow and visibility without compromising security.
  • Motors are recommended on curtains over 180 sq. feet.

AT-9(HC) High Cycle Garage and AT-9(SS) Secondary Security Behind Glass Applications



  • 093" aluminum sheeting with slotted BB holes at 1/4" round, spaced to allow 53% open/transparency and airflow pattern.
  • Satin Commercial Clear anodized shutter
  • Painting Options: 188 Color choices from Tiger Drylac Powder Coatings.
  • Choice of operation with Reduced drive chain hoist, hand crank, or motor operation.
  • High security with stunning, elegant look!
  • Ideal for retail store-front applications


Alumatec’s polycarbonate grille is the best in the industry. Manufactured using 3/32” poly to provide years of security and visibility to your products. Glazed grilles allow for maximum storefront merchandising.

  • 100 percent closed curtain
  • Each window is framed to prevent abrasions on the glass
  • Maintains clear visibility of the merchandise even after years of use.
  • Accommodates openings up to 28’ wide and 20’ high.
  • Motors are recommended 100% Closed Curtain over 135 square feet.


When security is a must, Alumatec’s aluminum rolling shutter is the answer. Manufactured using aluminum slats, these shutters can be utilized for interior or exterior applications.

  • Applicable for counter-top applications.
  • Solid aluminum shutter with interlocking slats.
  • Accommodates openings up to 30’ wide and 20’ high.
  • Motors are Recommended on curtains over 150 square feet.



When maximum security and airflow are a must, the Alumatec fenestrated shutter cannot be beat.

  • Satin Commercial Clear anodized aluminum shutter.
  • .050 gauge slat thickness for maximum security and longevity.
  • Ideal for parking structures, container docks or any application where security and airflow needed.
  • Choice of operation with Reduced drive chain hoist, hand crank, or motor operation.
  • Standard head room needed is 14 inches (coils into 14 inch box)
  • Painting options: 188 color choices from Tiger Drylac Powder Coatings